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The indication up to which maximum weight your vehicle can tow a caravan can be found on the type plate of your vehicle.

The difference between the gross vehicle weight rating and the towing distance numbers on the nameplate indicates how many pounds your vehicle’s chassis can tow/carry.

Our production site is now located in Austria/ Rastenfeld.

We support you at any place in Europe with a special repair team. Just give us a call.

The structural warranty of the caravan is 2 years. The warranty periods for the equipment used in the caravan vary, but they are all covered by the importer’s warranty.

You can drain your tanks anywhere there is a sewer connection. Example: gas station toilets, sewer entrances. They should never empty their tanks into nature.

For caravans, these are classified as O1 up to 750 kg, O2 up to 751-3500 kg, O3 up to 3501-10,000 kg, and O4 for trailers over 10,000 kg.

Yes, you can travel with peace of mind. You will receive all the legal papers suitable for your caravan.

Thereby we help them uncomplicated with the purchase transaction. You only need a few documents from the admissions office.

Yes, there are. When towing a caravan, it should be driven at a speed of no more than 80 km/h. This speed can be increased to 90 km/h on highways.

Checking caravans are not subject to compulsory traffic insurance, as they belong to the class of non-motorized vehicles. You benefit from the insurance of the towing vehicle. However, this service does not include the caravan equipment present in the caravan. As they are special purpose vehicles and trailers, caravans are subject to annual inspection.

Yes. The caravan has no cold / heat bridge and has an excellent parking heater. In addition, it is specially insulated for colder regions.

Yes, we also subject the models to regular leak tests.

Yes, however, it works best in pairs. The support wheel makes the camppass easy to move.

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